Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion Gratifying Street Style

Now there is no secret that John Galliano is my absolute favorite designer period, I mean the guy just ooozes fantasy fashion.  Now street style isn't always what you think about when you think of his Dior or self titled collections but I can tell you his Spring 2011 Menswear collection puts street style into this amazing high fashion light.  Ok aside from the fact that he has some of his models dressed like Charlie Chaplin, which is genius may I add, they look like hip hop gone through a warp, Stargate Tunnel of High Fashion Magicness (ok I know that is not a word) but how can you describe this?:

Or This?:

High Fashion Magicness right??
There is a direct correlation between those styles and the styles some of our younger generation wears as street style:

Baggy Pants, Wife Beaters, Members Only style jackets, grunge type shorts.
JG has just brought these looks together and  added his genius, now I know you have to be on a different
wavelength to flow with Mr. Galliano, I guess I am there cause I get it!

Loves John Galliano he is always all over the place in the right ways.

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