Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The most awesome contribution from the 1970’s to the world of fashion would have to be the platform shoe! I love the platform shoes worn in the 70’s there were so many different shapes and heights.  Women and men alike wore some variation of a platform shoe.  They were so versatile and went with pants or dresses.  There were styles for sandals or boots or shoes and they went with everything. 
Today our platform shoe is also super cute and very versatile. From a pump, to a boot or sandal, platforms are a staple in our fashion world, rather it be for a casual or dressy shoes.  Though guys don’t wear them much anymore, I still think they are most cool and popular contribution from the 70’s!

One thing I have noticed about platform shoes of this age is that the platform is mostly on the front of the shoe to give height to the shoe.  For example all of the platform shoes I own are 5 ½ inches high the heel itself is so high but I am able to walk in them because of the 2 inch platform! What a great invention that is sexy and stylish!!

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