Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1960's Streetstyle VS YSLYeah!

Trends of the 60's were so cool, some chic some more rugged, all have been influential in the fashion world but I feel street trends have definantly been more influential.  I choose street trends because more people can relate to the everyday options they possess. My favorite street style from the 60’s is the hippie style. Hippie clothing has been so influential in what we wore in the 90’s especially and are making a huge comeback today. Long flowing ethnic print skirts, dresses and skirts are still a major part of a women’s casual wardrobe.

The flare leg and bell bottom jean are timeless looks that will never go out of style. The carefree dresses and patterns are also very popular and have changed and gained in popularity. We still see colorful fabric and beautiful embellishments in our clothing today.

There is even a “haute hippie” movement that brings more modern coolness to the hippie aesthetic.

Yves Saint Laurent’s style was very unique and had amazing style. He created masterpieces from fabric, his pop art and Van Gogh designs were like nothing anyone had ever seen. Le Smoking was the most awesome take on an androgynous suit. Simply fantastic.

His collections were misunderstood at times with tradionalists not understanding the collections and younger people thinking he was ripping off kid’s street gear, they also complained about how expensive his clothing was. I really think when it comes to influential style, street style is an obtainable part of fashion everyone can relate to in their own way.

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