Sunday, September 26, 2010

6 Functions of a Dress!

1. Environmental Protection – A women dressed in a fur coat for Paris Fashion Week, during a super cold time, she is protected from the elements!

2. Decoration – My favorite designer John Galliano decorated with daisies and buttons he looks so amazing as always engulfed in his own unique style.

3. Gender Differentiation –Halle Berry beautiful in a full length gown at the academy awards wearing a form fitting piece that shows her femininity.

4. Group Membership – Atlanta Falcon’s Cheerleaders – Extremely cute uniform for the cheering ladies of Atlanta Falcons!

5. Ceremonialism – Gorgeous ceremonial dressing from India, the gold and red are so beautiful and traditional, the jewelry creates such a regal appearance.

6. Sexual Enhancement - Charlize Theron for j'dore Dior Perfume, very sexy and classy.

Showing all 6 –
1. Adorning Fur in a cold climate – Environmental Protection
2. Jewelry in her hair and on the bodice of her gown - Decoration
3. They are very feminine and ladylike – Gender Differentiation
4. Her bridesmaids dress in chocolate brown – Group Membership
5. A Bride – Ceremonialism
6. With a curvaceous dress – Sexual enhancement

6 Functions of a Dress!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is always New York Fashion Week and it will always be but, there is one designer that has grown into what I call a design super heavy weight: Christian V. Siriano. Young Genius.  Crazy hair, crazy side eye and crazy style he marries punk and high fashion in such an awesome way.  Dressess, dresses and dresses, any length and fit and all style, I recall his previous collections with a concentration on the pant, and now this.  Leather paired with flowing rich patterns, crisp whites with chunky leather and crazy sheer ruffles all over.  His collection was so inspiring and makes me want to sketch all night until I can get my head into the mode he was in when he finalized his colleciton. 
What is he trying to do to us? Make us fans? Well it worked on this fashionista.
His 2010/2011 Spring collection takes you through a series of emotions,
I'm Chic
I command all the attention
I'm a bit out of control and I think I like it
I was so impressed by Christian, I could think of no one else.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A fashion source book exists as a place for inspiration, a place for knowledge and place to let your mind wander and ultimately ... create!  This online fashion source book will look at the History of 20th Century Fashion Arts from a number of perspectives, including historical and cultural. It will contain posts and images that address specific topics and will endeavor to provide a cohesive snapshot of various fashion topics.

FASHION IS MY LIFE.  I eat and breathe Fall/Winter Spring/Summer.  I go on vacation to NYFW and light money candles to my VOGUE.  Paris is Mecca and Milan is Mecca II.  There are only a few things that could turn me from loving fashion: Anna Wintour sporting bejeweled crocs with culottes, a tube top and a fanny pack.  Now we know that aint gonna happen so I am stuck in a warp FASHIONOIHSAF and I am a loyal subject.

Royalty of the Fashion World:

Watch, Learn, Awe.