Monday, October 25, 2010

Pencil Skirt for Life!!

What is the single most influential item of the 1950's fashasion?  The pencil skirt baby!  This is the most simple, sexy, figure flattering item of clothing in a women's wardrobe.  The essence of a women is her confidence and ability to get the attention of a room, well the pencil skirt does this for any women and size does not matter!  High waisted or low, with a ruffle or a long zipper, there is not a women I know young or mature that does not know the importance of having this garment on deck at all times.  I have so many in different fabrics and colors and yes I pull one out when I need that extra oompf in my step for the day.  Simply fantastic!
I see you Paul Smith!!
Another item I consider important is the two piece bikini! Though our version shows SO much more skin and every women is not able to pull it off, this is a radical and amazing garment.  As women we love to flaunt our sexuality some more than others and the bikini gives us the option of showing a lot with french cut types or a little less with high waisted or boyshort verisons.  The bikini is a very important, women's lib!
Halle Berry as a Bond Girl, need I post more? Work Ms. Berry!


The most popular (and my favorite) fit and color of jean is the bootcut darkwash denim.  Baby. the simplicity of this jean is so perfect.  These jeans look fabulous on any body type.  Though I love the skinny jean, they aren't always flattering on everyone.  The bootcut jean comes in a low or high-rise which is ideal for every woman.  This look has not changed much which is what I love about this style.  Stretch has been added and even a "skinny version" and different washes are tried but the darkwash denim is ideal.
To Live for, SUPER CUTE!
Denim is so versitile, I think future jeans are going to continue to progress in the skinny jean fad, you know adding more embelshments and dimensions, on back to an ultra baggy for men and women, I mean we have to breathe again at some point!  There is nothing new under the sun, I mean of course there are those weird fad pieces that are going to pop up for the outlandish consumer, however for the masses we are on this ferris wheel of fashion just adding concepts to an old idea.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Historical Draping and Tailoring

Beautiful flowing chiffon draped dress in blush pink with empire waist detail. Very elegant and feminine.

 Rennaisance Era lavendar draped dress made of beautiful silk taffeta with delicate purple detailing.

Draped Indian Sari, a traditional garment worn by women of India in different times in their life. Marriage, everyday or ceremonial.

. 1950's tailored women's suit with crisp lines and emaculate detailing. 

Tailored blue suit by John Galliano 2008, very vintage with modern lines and styling.

 1911 Tailored women'ssuit.  The buttons on the cuffs is such a great tailored detail.