Thursday, December 16, 2010

Street Trends to Now Trends

Part 1: Street Trends
Zoot Suit from the 1930-40's - USA the baggy pants with the tapered leg and large shouldered jacket is a perfect example of this vintage style. 

Teddy Boys from the 1959 - London in drape jackets and drainpipe pants with cuffs, and black leather boots, this look is so chic.

Hippies from the 1970’s - NYC Long flowy dress with intricate print, free flowing style with form fitting top.

Beatnik from the 1965 - NYC in a bohemian version of beatnik style in an ethnic vest and jeans.

Mod from the 1960’s - London Short, short mini dress with silver and bright coral striping and short boy haircut with androgynous style.
Punk - 2009 - Berlin Brightly colored jackets and hair to match.  Button up shirts with print, solids or stripes.  Paired with tight fitting jeans.

Disco from the 1979 - Phillipines Bright fuchsia, shiny pants suit with colorful blouse, very disco.

Hip Hop - 1987 - NYC  Large leather patch jackets with koufe hats.  Skin tight leggings and calf length colored boots and chunky jewelry.

Part 2. Runway
Zoot Suit – John Galliano 2002 Spring Collection.  Plaid print zoot suit inspired suit with baggy trousers and broad shouldered jacket.  This is a change on the style in a women’s version but very traditional with its eye catching print and patchwork design.  The shape of the suit is consistent with that of the original design.
Emanuel Ungaro – 2000 Fall Collection. A fun and cute take on the zoot suit.  White and pinstripe with a tapered leg and long coat.  I think this a great way to do a zoot suit in the 21st century with major style.
Teddy Boys -  Junya Watanabe  2007 Spring Collection. Stove pipe trousers with high-necked white shirts however the variation is the collar is fitted.  The brocade waistcoats grow into full brocade suiting. Shorter pants with cuffs and mid-length cuts.
Givenchy Spring 2001 Collection.  Teddy boy style mixed with a classy dress.  The teddy boy jacket is redone in a silver metallic which brings it into a more modern decade. 
Beatniks - BCBG 2006 Fall Collection. The turtleneck and the beret are still in full effect in the modern take on beatnik style.  There is not much change in the modern styling except for a lean towards the flashy with sparkles and chicer hemlines.  Color adds pop and flare to this style bringing it into the modern age and taking the edge off a possibly stand offish style.
Miu Miu 2005 Fall Collection.  Baret type hat with all black top and skirt.  Very cool look with a chic beatnik edge.
Mod Style – Roland Mouret 2004 Spring Collection. Tailored Italian styled suiting with crisp lines with an androgynous feel.  Cool colors that
Chanel 2006 Fall Collection. Bright red mod style coat with trapeze shape with jewels encrusted around the shoulders.  This is a beautiful way to bring Mod style into the 21st century.  The couture collar brings that special something to the look but does not stray too far from the original style.
Hippies – Diane von Furstenberg 2010 Spring Collection Flowy dress with a new modern style that adds “bling” to the look with gold metallics and more structure and it’s a short take which makes it fun and free.
Dries Van Noten 2008 Spring Collection Bright colors and breezy fabrics with cool white. This is a structured long sleeved look and ties.  This is a very modern look that is everyday wearable.
Punk –  Alexander McQueen 2006 Fall Collection.  Slim fitting top with poofy bottom dress with strong unique styling in the traditional punk print of plaid, a sexy new look of punk.
L.A.M.B. Fall 2010 – The white plaid jacket and skin tight leggings are so punk with a cool twisted jacket style, a much more approachable form of punk style.
Disco – Collette Dinnigan 2010 Fall Collection.  Shimmery crazy unique fabrics in a short disco ball inspired style.  Poofy armed dresses with slim fitting body, very disco era.
Balmain Spring 2010 – Slim fitting dress, short with strong shoulders.  Shimmery fabric with a unique shape, disco brought into the 21st century. 
Hip Hop - Baby Phat 2010 Spring Collection.  Hip Hop style has changed dramatically over the years.  Past hip hop has been a baggy more masculine style even on the female side, hip hop now is very feminine and sexy and strong.  There is a true identity, Baby Phat is a true definer of the hip hop style for women, the sexy, fun, edgy and young.   
Chanel – 1991 An unexpected place to see hip hop style however as seen here in this collection are the backwards hat, big belt buckle and chains.  This is very hip hop and very refreshing to see on a well respected brand.
Part 3: New Street Trends
Two new street trends that are not mentioned are vests and tunics.   Vests have become very popular and come in many different shapes and colors.  In the past few years vests have made a reemergence in street style.  There is the variation that is long and can be worn as a dress or a top.  These mostly come in solids and are perfect for everyday casual style.  There are also the shorter versions that fit close to the body and button up and are worn as a shirt completely.  This is a street style worn in preppy or relaxed way with jeans or dressed up with trousers.  I find that a lot of college students wear this style with tights, jeans or skirts. This site shows so many cool styles with sparkles, made from leather or mesh or crochets. 
Tunic style has taken to the streets for style and comfort.  This variation of a dress or a shirt that is worn by teens to middle aged women.  This street style is all about shape and color.  The prints and fabrics used to create this style are often bold and eye catching.  This street style is so cool and chic and can be worn with leggings, tights or jeans.  It‘s about comfort with this garment and it crosses age barriers.

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